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Expert Tips

Battery Maintenance Tips

Especially this time of year it is important to look after your batteries, our main call outs at the start of the season and over the winter months are mostly battery related problems and mainly because they have gone ‘flat’ through lack of use, your boat will have longer spells…[Read More]


Each here sees Sea Start carrying out over 2000 breakdowns and 2018 has been no exception. As memberships rise, the frequency of calls for assistance rises. However the reasons for the calls remain very similar from year to year and most are electrical faults. This can cover a whole multitude…[Read More]

Winterisation Tips

If you are planning to take you boat out of commission over the winter, then it important that you winterise the engine otherwise come the spring you may start to incur problems before you launch. Winterisation is very similar and incorporates a minor engine service. The difference is that half…[Read More]


Well what a great summer we are having and it looks like its sticking around. We have had a high number of breakdowns, related to overheating, due to seaweed causing blockages in raw water intakes. Now not only is this in hull fittings it is also in Saildrives and Sterndrives….[Read More]

De-Wintersing Your Diesel Engine

As you can imagine we get numerous call outs for people in the early season, who have headed out for their first sail to find they have forgotten vital checks on their engine. Something that we do come across a great deal is Seacocks not being opened; this can have…[Read More]

Propeller maintenance

Remember, your Sea Start membership includes first-aid assistance should your propeller become fouled. One of the types of breakdowns that is on the increase is fouled propellers. This is mostly likely caused by the amount of debris in the sea. We have found all manner of things around propellers including…[Read More]

Don’t Bug Me!

Sea Start can confidently recommend Marine 16’s products – Diesel Fuel Maintenance and Diesel Bug Treatment. Sea Start has been successfully using and recommending Marine 16’s products for several years. We have received excellent feedback both from pleasure and commercial boat users. The growth of bacteria can be extremely rapid,…[Read More]

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