Frequently Asked Questions

There are occasionally questions that aren’t answered on our site; if this is the case, please don’t hesitate to call and we’ll be happy to help. Meanwhile, below are some of the most frequestly asked questions that we receive.

Sea Start FAQ

  • Does the membership belong to the boat or owner? The membership belongs to your boat and membership starts 24 hours after registration.
  • How do I request attendance?  By calling the freephone number 0800 88 55 00 – or using VHF channel 16 to contact the coastguard. who will then pass on your details to us and we will then contact you on VHF channel 16 when we are in range of your vessel, then change to a VHF working channel.
  • How is payment made? One annual payment either by credit card, cheque, cash or direct debit.
  • Do you attend callouts from non-members? Although we do our best to attend calls from non-members, we have to put our members first. Last year we were only able to attend about 28% of calls for assistance from non-members. Those we were able to assist were, however, charged a year’s membership plus a call-out fee. In order to avoid this uncertainty and potential cost, please become a member! As our database of members grows, we are better able to accurately forecast the staff and boats needed at any time of the year (linked to the prevailing weather) in order to service our membership.
  • As a member, how long would we have to wait? On average our call out response is within the hour.
  • What are your most common faults? Electrical faults are the most common – salt water and electrical systems are not happy partners. Electrics are followed closely by fuel problems; especially as the introduction of bio fuel promotes the growth of diesel bug, then salt water cooling problems normally as a result of bad maintenance or blockages.
  • What does my membership give me? First and foremost we are a breakdown service, we do our best to get you going again so you can enjoy your leisure time, We ARE NOT a rescue service, the lifeboats are for saving lives. Any mechanical breakdown concerning the engine (or engines) – the fuel supply – the electrics appertaining to the engines (not nav aids) – steering gear – running out of fuel and fouled propeller clearance. If we cannot fix your problem and you are at sea within our operating area and not at your home port, we will arrange a tow to the nearest safe haven.
  • What is a discretionary service? We will always use our best endeavours to attend but this cannot be guaranteed. Examples of our reasons for non-attendance could include unfavourable weather, strong tides, adverse groundings and repeated calls for the same fault. This list is not exhaustive but illustrates why our service is discretionary.