Area of Operation

Sea Start operates in the most widely used boating areas in the UK, the Channel Islands and North Coast of France.

  • THE SOLENT Comprehensive waterborne service from Weymouth round the Isle of Wight to Selsey Bill.
  • SHORESIDE ATTENDANCE Shoreside attendance is available in all major ports along the South Coast, as well as the Channel Islands, Cherbourg Peninsula and North Brittany Coast.
  • WATERBORNE ATTENDANCE Sea Start provides waterborne attendance within (up to) a 3 mile radius of certain designated ports and harbours (see map below).
  • Sea Start may also exceed these limits should the conditions be suitable.
  • TOWING SERVICES Towing services outside the designated areas specified may be possible, but are not guaranteed. They will be subject to additional charges.

Sea Start limits are discretionary which means that we reserve the right to withdraw our service if the weather and onsite conditions are dangerous or will become dangerous by the time we can get someone to you. Our main considerations are Wind, Sea State, Fog and Strong tidal flow.

Sea Start Area of Coverage